ENX Yellow Pages

In order to contact an individual ENX User you can send a message by selecting the respective company name.


It is only allowed to use the ENX Yellow Pages for initiating communication relations between ENX Users. The usage for other purposes, especially all kinds of advertising and marketing, is not allowed. Product orders, support requests, etc. are not permitted, too.

Company City Country ENX Registration Number Registration Date
baier & michels GmbH & Co KG Ober-Ramstadt/Rohrbach Germany 0034550001 09.01.2015
BAK Boysen Abgaskomponenten GmbH & Co. KG K÷sching Germany 0034510001 18.11.2014
CEVa Logistics Espa˝a, SLU Alcobendas Spain 0019230001 17.12.2014
euro engineering AG Stuttgart Germany 0014570003 05.12.2014
KAUTEX TEXTRON GMBH & CO. KG Bonn Germany 0002060002 12.12.2014
Legisway La Garenne Colombes France 0034520001 03.12.2014
Prodrive B.V. Son Netherlands 0034500001 06.11.2014
SGS Germany GmbH Taunustein Germany 0015550003 05.12.2014
TEGmbH Lehre Germany 0034530001 04.12.2014
ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems de MÚxico S.A. de C.V. Cuautlancingo Mexico 0034540001 04.12.2014